Diamond and CBN wheels for chain saw sharpening



The variety of chain sharpening wheels

For this type of wheels, we usually offer wheels for:
Steel chainsaw sharpening
Carbide tipped chainsaw sharpening
CBN wheels to grind chainsaw rakers
Harvester chrome coated chain sharpening wheels
Harvester no chrome chain sharpening wheels
We can offer wheels according to your specified requirements


There are two main pitches which are used for chain saws
1/4, .325, 3/8 Picco
3/8, .404

When choosing the correct wheel, you should know the pitch of your chain.
Wheels to grind chain saw rakers are also available.


Which wheel to choose: diamond or CBN

If you are sharpening steel chain - CBN wheel is the correct choice.

If you are sharpening carbide tipped chain - you should choose diamond wheel. Please have in mind, you cannot use CBN wheel on carbide tipped chain. Never use diamond wheel on steel chain as well.


Wheel outside diameter and bore diameter

Our wheels come in following diameters 5 3/4" (146 mm) , 4 1/8" (104 mm) and 8" (203 mm). You should check your grinder which diameter fits your machine. If you need other diameter please inquire and we will offer it for you.

Bore diameter is 7/8" (22,23 mm), but every wheel comes with the reducing spacer which reduces bore size to 12 mm. This hole is used on some Stihl or other grinders.

For 8" (203 mm) wheels bore diameter is 1" (25,4 mm)


Maintenance of the wheel

The wheel does not need to be cleaned in the normal conditions. But if the wheel gets clogged, there is free cleaning tool included with every wheel. To clean the wheel correctly turn on your grinder and let it reach full speed. Then turn it off and while the wheel is rotating, simply touch the cleaning stick to the surface of the diamond or CBN section of the wheel. The cleaning stick will make the wheel spin slower until it stops. You might need to repeat this operation 3-4 times, until you feel that wheel is clean and diamond or CBN grits are open and sharp. We also recommend to flip your wheel after sharpening every 20-30 chains.

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